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Welcome to Andy Andersons Group
Discover Andy Andersons … Your One-Stop-Shop for Cleaning and Facility Maintenance

At Andy Andersons, we pride ourselves in our range of services that add value to our clients and drive convenience. With specialised teams in each division with both experienced and certified staff, we can undertake any aspect of cleaning and facility maintenance across all industries.

Andy Andersons offers:

  • Andy Andersons Industrial Services
  • Andy Andersons Commercial Cleaning
  • Andy Andersons Aged Care (Cleaning + Laundry Services)
  • Andy Andersons Facility Maintenance

We aim to excel in our client’s expectations of their standard of cleaning and facilities maintenance. Our geographic availability of services expands all across Victoria, New South Wales, and Perth.

Over 45 years experience

Working on this site more than 45 years with trust and honesty.


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Our Services
Services We’re Offering

Aged Care

Aged care cleaning means we need to partner with your team and treat residents with the dignity and privacy that they deserve. We select our team based on their values...

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Commercial Cleaning

Maintain a professional image with reliable commercial cleaning that will keep your work environment looking great all year round. Respectful and efficient cleaners that...

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Facility Maintenance

Keep your facility safe and in great condition with professional facilities maintenance services. Responsive and proactive service. Strict on compliance with your standards.

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Industrial Services

Keep your operations running smoothly with industrial cleaning that ticks all your compliance standards. Quick and timely services to avoid disrupting your operations.

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Here’s why Andy Andersons Group Is The Best Choice For <strong><u>You</u></strong>
Here’s why Andy Andersons Group Is The Best Choice For <strong><u>You</u></strong>
Why Choose Us
Here’s why Andy Andersons Group Is The Best Choice For You

At Andy Andersons, we pride ourselves on our services and the fulfillment of our clients. We have amazing expertise in our divisions and there’s nothing more. We are focused on providing you with an exceptional level of cleaning, maintenance, aged care work and overall services. Our standards are signified by our triple ISO certification over 7 consecutive years which certifies our Quality, Safety and Environmental Management systems and processes.

As a member of the Cleaning Edge Group of Entities,  Andy Andersons Group aims to challenge the status quo and to excel in the limits of cleaning for our clients. Our way of working through operations and keen attention to customer satisfaction have allowed us to maintain a client retention rate of over 95%. We are leading the industry with innovative systems for operational efficiencies and modern equipment for higher quality cleaning and maintenance, as well as aged care work and services relevant to the requirements set by our client.

Aiming For Exceptional Cleaning And Maintenance? Andy Anderson Is Made Your Way

The requests and requirements clients ask of us can be extremely particular. We at Andy Anderson focus on every fine detail our clients provide. Whether you’re looking for specifics with our cleaning services, particular things you’d like done with your maintenance or even the behaviour and communication of our workers, Andy Andersons Group is made your way. We focus on providing our clients not just the service, but an experience.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a high client retention rate
  • Experienced expert and professional staff
  • Budget oriented and flexibility on pricing
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“Andy Andersons Industrial Services are very reliable and responsive to our cleaning needs and are always readily available if we have a difficult situation. They understand the needs that we have around safety, food safety and compliance and are always diligent at making sure the cleaning that they do does not compromise internal standards. I would highly recommend Brett and the team!”

Aileen Senior


“I have known and used Andy Andersons over the last 15 years in various roles from deep industrial plant cleaning, office cleaning and a wide-range of facility maintenance works across the Visy Coolaroo site. The relationship and the expertise that I have experienced with Brett and his staff is fantastic with prompt service and good communication when issues arise. I would be more than happy to recommend the team at Andy Andersons for all types of cleaning and facility maintenance works.”

John Bigaran


“Andy Andersons Facility Maintenance continues to provide great support to Allswell and our residents across our three Federation Villages at Glenroy, Sunshine and Werribee. Andy Andersons are quick to respond; their communication and customer service is first-class, and the quality of their work is of a high standard. We would highly recommend them to companies and individuals!”

Bernadette Reading

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