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Aged Care

Aged Care

Andy Andersons Aged Care Cleaning Values and Services

Aged care is a complex service environment, requiring specialist and delicate cleaning services and care. To reassure you of our qualifications within this department, our team exemplifies:

  • A resident centric approach aligned with the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Rigorous staff selection with values aligned to industry needs and requirements to better the operations for cleaners and staff
  • ISO Certified Quality, Safety and Environment standards
  • Driven to add value through innovation and effort
  • Nature best fitted for our cliental and acceptable behaviour coming into interactions with the elderly
  • Confidentiality regarding our cleaning operations in respects for privacy reasons

Team Selection

Aged care cleaning means we need to partner with your team and cooperate well enough to treat residents with the dignity, privacy and delicacy that they need and deserve. We select our team based on these values, we need to be confident that they are team players and have enough respect to treat our elderly as they should be treated. Only then do we train them.

Andy Andersons Group has partnered with Culturally Directed Care Solutions (CDCS) to develop tailored cleaning training for our aged care cleaning team, based on the Aged Care Quality Standards. CDCS is led by Donna Cross, who was a representative on the Commonwealth technical Advisory Group (TAG) assisting in the reform of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Complete transparency is offered through our training platform, enabling clients and auditor to check training documentation by person, site and training activity. Available to our clients 24/7. We provide our clients the option to interact and involve themselves in the progress of our trainees at all times.

Audited Systems and Processes

Our base line and overall focus for operations is our ISO Certification for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management. We then partner with our clients to integrate our cleaning services within their goals and allow them to direct the way they’d think operations would be more suitable for themselves. We at Andy Andersons Group identify your goals and needs, then tailor our cleaning to integrate seamlessly with your daily service provision.

Ensuring consistently high standards is a critical element of our service offering. To maintain our ideal quality standards, we undertake unannounced internal audits, with the results available to clients via our proprietary app. We then overlay annual external audits to ensure our cleaning services are aligned and meeting with the Aged Care Quality Standards and any updates to it.

Innovation in Products and Equipment

At Andy Andersons we are driven by innovation to find the best cleaning products and equipment for your premises. It’s one of the ways we add value to your service delivery and further produce the results you’re looking for. We use specially sourced cleaning products that reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading through your premises. Our TGA approved cleaning products protect against COVID-19 for up to 24 hours on high touch surfaces and 30 days on low touch surfaces. Andy Anderson prioritises the safety of our clients using the necessary materials needed to keep you COVID-19 safe.

The equipment we use reduces the risk of cross contamination, increases resident and staff safety, guarantee for a long-lasting effect on surfaces and is environmentally responsible.

Client Protection

Protecting our clients is a priority for Andy Andersons, to minimize risk

  • All staff undergo a series of checks including mandatory police checks and drug and alcohol testing. We follow through on the necessary codes and requirements for our cleaners.
  • Clients are indemnified under the Andy Andersons $20 million Product, Pollution, and Public Liability. Underwritten by Lloyds of London, and a first for the Australian cleaning industry.
  • We comply with all regulatory and legislative requirements ensuring our Payroll, Work Cover and Superannuation obligations are in place and audited by both internal and external parties.
  • We are registered with the Victorian Labour Hire Authority as required by any company that is involved in hiring labour.
  • Emailing systems and line operators are made available for clients at all times. These lines are used for a variety of reasons applicable to the situations of our clients.

Put your trust in Andy Andersons Group

With more than 45+ years of experience in cleaning and overall service to our clients, we have become a proven industry leader. We offer multiple other industry services beyond cleaning aged care homes which you can view in the industry tabs. If you need professional cleaners, then don’t hesitate to contact us.