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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Keep your operations running smoothly with industrial cleaning that ticks all your compliance standards.

  • Quick and timely services to avoid disrupting your operations.
  • Powerful cleaning solutions customised to your facility.
  • Post-work audits for continuous improvements.

High Level Dust Removal

Whether your facility is small or large, our industrial vacuums can handle it. They are designed with flexible anti-static hoses that can cover vast distances whilst maintaining extremely high suction levels.

You can rely on our fully trained team to give you the highest-level dust removal, so you’ll never stop because of an unclean work environment.

Machinery & Warehouse Clean Downs

When you rely on us for your clean downs, you can expect us to use best practice techniques. We guarantee your plant and equipment will be cleaned and maintained to meet all regulatory requirements.

Our first preference is for chemicals that are water based and biodegradable. Sometimes we may need to use alternative chemicals to get the job done. Our extensive experience includes pulp & paper mills, paint factory, food manufacturing and cold storage facilities to name a few.

Pressure Washing

You can expect us to remove what other cleaners can’t. Our pressure washing equipment has the capacity to clean @5000 PSI and up to 90 degrees.

Our team has experience cleaning all types of facilities and surfaces. What’s more, we’re qualified to clean confined spaces – and at heights.

Confined Spaces

Cleaning confined spaces is a high-risk activity. Yet it’s necessary to meet health, safety, and hygiene standards for industrial equipment such as treated water tanks, ducts, food and grain silos.

That’s why we’ve put our team through extensive training – both on and off the job. Plus, our specialised equipment is designed to be located up to 100m away and still have the power to remove the last traces of any kind of debris.

What to expect

Accredited: we’re certified in international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 to give you a consistent, safe service.

Experienced team: our staff are trained and experienced so they can give you exceptional service every time.

Safety first approach: we follow an international safety framework and Victorian WorkSafe practices to ensure the safety of every person we encounter, whether in your workplace, or one of our employees.

Customer service: you deserve total satisfaction – and we’re committed to giving you as much value as we can through constant communication and continual improvements.

Industrial Cleaning Service Melbourne

  • Powerful cleaning equipment operated by fully trained staff
  • Professional and respectful staff who clean up after the job
  • Water-based, bio-degradable chemicals for safety and sustainability